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Thomas Bulkowski’s successful investment activities allowed him to retire at age 36. He is an internationally known author and trader with 30+ years of stock market experience and widely regarded as a leading expert on chart patterns. He may be reached at

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Bulkowski's Daily Small Patterns

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Small Patterns
Industrials (^DJI):
Transports (^DJT):
Utilities (^DJU):
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S&P500 (^GSPC):
As of 05/25/2016
17,852 145.46 0.8%
7,744 62.56 0.8%
648 -2.63 -0.4%
4,895 33.83 0.7%
2,091 14.48 0.7%
Tom's Targets    Overview: 05/12/2016
18,400 or 17,300 by 06/01/2016
7,300 or 8,100 by 06/01/2016
625 or 665 by 06/01/2016
5,050 or 4,750 by 06/15/2016
2,120 or 2,020 by 06/01/2016

Written by and copyright © 2005-2016 by Thomas N. Bulkowski. All rights reserved. Disclaimer: You alone are responsible for your investment decisions. See Privacy/Disclaimer for more information.

68  Small Patterns as of  05/25/2016

This article lists small chart patterns that I found daily in the stocks I follow. Not all small patterns appear because the list would typically be 800 entries (or more) long.

Instead, I search for the top five performing patterns and eleven others to keep the list short. For the list of patterns searched, click here.

Here is the list of stocks in which small patterns appeared and their start and end dates. If none appear in a table, then it's probably a bug in my code. Send me an email.

Click the link for a list of symbols from the table.

-- Thomas Bulkowski

 3M Company   MMM   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 AFLAC Inc   AFL   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 American Equity Investment Life Holding   AEL   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 American International Group   AIG   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 Anthem   ANTM   Hook reversal, downtrend   05/24/2016   05/25/2016 
 Archer-Daniels-Midland Co   ADM   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 Arris Group Inc.   ARRS   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 Automatic Data Processing Inc   ADP   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 CNA Financial Corp   CNA   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 CNO Financial Group, Inc   CNO   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 Colgate-Palmolive Co   CL   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 CRH plc   CRH   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 DST Systems Inc   DST   Hook reversal, uptrend   05/24/2016   05/25/2016 
 Flir Systems Inc   FLIR   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 Gartner Inc   IT   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 General Cable   BGC   Shark-32   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 General Electric Co   GE   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 Goldman Sachs Group, The   GS   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 GoPro   GPRO   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 Graco Incorporated   GGG   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 Headwaters Inc.   HW   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 Lam Research Corp   LRCX   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 Lamar Advertising   LAMR   Hook reversal, uptrend   05/24/2016   05/25/2016 
 Leggett and Platt   LEG   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 MDC Holdings Inc.   MDC   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 MetLife Inc   MET   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 MGE Energy Inc   MGEE   Hook reversal, uptrend   05/24/2016   05/25/2016 
 Moodys Corp   MCO   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 Morgan Stanley   MS   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 Netflix, Inc   NFLX   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 Network Appliance   NTAP   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 Principal Financial Group Inc   PFG   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 Progressive Corp   PGR   Hook reversal, uptrend   05/24/2016   05/25/2016 
 Rambus Inc   RMBS   Key reversal, uptrend   05/24/2016   05/25/2016 
 Semtech Corp   SMTC   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 ServiceNow Inc   NOW   Hook reversal, uptrend   05/24/2016   05/25/2016 
 Toll Brothers   TOL   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 Torchmark Corp   TMK   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 United Technologies Corp   UTX   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 Visteon Corp   VC   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 Williams Companies Inc.   WMB   Key reversal, uptrend   05/24/2016   05/25/2016 
 Xcel Energy, Inc   XEL   Shark-32   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 DJ US Broker-dealers index fund   IAI   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 DJ US consumer goods (household goods)   IYK   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 DJIA short 1x ProShares   DOG   Inverted gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 DJIA short 2x ProShares   DXD   Inverted gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 DJIA, long 2x Ultra Dow 30 ProShares   DDM   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 MSCI Austria Investable Mkt Index   EWO   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 MSCI Belgium Investable Mkt Idx   EWK   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 MSCI France Index   EWQ   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 MSCI Germany Index   EWG   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 MSCI Hong Kong Index fund   EWH   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 MSCI Israel Cap Invest Mt Index   EIS   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 MSCI Italy Index   EWI   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 MSCI South Africa Index   EZA   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 MSCI Spain Index   EWP   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 MSCI Sweden Index   EWD   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 MSCI Switzerland Index   EWL   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 MSCI United Kingdom Index   EWU   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 S and P Europe 350 Index fund   IEV   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 S and P long 2x Ultra SP 500 ProShares   SSO   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 S and P short 1x ProShares   SH   Inverted gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 S and P short 2x ProShares   SDS   Inverted gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 SPDR Financial Select Sector   XLF   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 SPDR Gold Shares   GLD   Inverted gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 SPDR S and P 500   SPY   Gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 UltraShort 2x Financials ProShares   SKF   Inverted gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 
 UltraShort 2x Real Estate ProShares   SRS   Inverted gap2H   05/23/2016   05/25/2016 


Small Patterns Searched

Here is the list of small chart patterns that I scan for daily (after the market close and posted that evening).

For an explanation of the columns, read small patterns.

Pattern Name Average 
Downside weekly reversals$132.3960%361
Open-close reversal, uptrend$118.6759%312
Key reversal, downtrend$95.2858%283
Wide ranging day downside reversal$92.0458%294
Open-close reversal, downtrend$90.3158%305
Upside weekly reversals$84.5857%368
Hook reversal, downtrend$81.5057%269
Wide ranging day upside reversal$75.9856%2712
Hook reversal, uptrend$75.9557%2813
Key reversal, uptrend$71.1156%3016
Inverted gap2H$65.4456%2919
One day reversal, bottom$61.3556%2720
One day reversal, top$46.1254%2922


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Written by and copyright © 2005-2016 by Thomas N. Bulkowski. All rights reserved. Disclaimer: You alone are responsible for your investment decisions. See Privacy/Disclaimer for more information. In prison, you spend your life looking through bars wanting to get out. At work, you spend your time wanting to get into bars.