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Thomas Bulkowski’s successful investment activities allowed him to retire at age 36. He is an internationally known author and trader with 30+ years of stock market experience and widely regarded as a leading expert on chart patterns. He may be reached at

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Bulkowski's Daily Small Patterns

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Small Patterns
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As of 10/26/2016
18,199 30.06 0.2%
7,967 -52.14 -0.7%
663 1.85 0.3%
5,250 -33.13 -0.6%
2,139 -3.73 -0.2%
Tom's Targets    Overview: 10/13/2016
17,700 or 18,600 by 11/01/2016
8,350 or 7,800 by 11/01/2016
685 or 625 by 11/01/2016
5,050 or 5,450 by 11/01/2016
2,085 or 2,200 by 11/01/2016

Written by and copyright © 2005-2016 by Thomas N. Bulkowski. All rights reserved. Disclaimer: You alone are responsible for your investment decisions. See Privacy/Disclaimer for more information.

45  Small Patterns as of  10/26/2016

This article lists small chart patterns that I found daily in the stocks I follow. Not all small patterns appear because the list would typically be 800 entries (or more) long.

Instead, I search for the top five performing patterns and eleven others to keep the list short. For the list of patterns searched, click here.

Here is the list of stocks in which small patterns appeared and their start and end dates. If none appear in a table, then it's probably a bug in my code. Send me an email.

Click the link for a list of symbols from the table.

-- Thomas Bulkowski

 Allstate Corp   ALL   Key reversal, downtrend   10/25/2016   10/26/2016 
 Aon Corp   AON   Inverted gap2H   10/24/2016   10/26/2016 
 Apogee Enterprises   APOG   Inverted gap2H   10/24/2016   10/26/2016 
 Arch Capital Group Ltd   ACGL   Key reversal, downtrend   10/25/2016   10/26/2016 
 Atwood Oceanics Inc.   ATW   Open-close reversal, downtrend   10/26/2016   10/26/2016 
 Beazer Homes USA, Inc   BZH   Inverted gap2H   10/24/2016   10/26/2016 
 Builders FirstSource, Inc   BLDR   Inverted gap2H   10/24/2016   10/26/2016 
 Charles River Labs Intl   CRL   Inverted gap2H   10/24/2016   10/26/2016 
 CoreLogic Inc   CLGX   Gap2H   10/24/2016   10/26/2016 
 Costco Wholesale Corp   COST   Shark-32   10/24/2016   10/26/2016 
 Everest Re Group Ltd   RE   Gap2H   10/24/2016   10/26/2016 
 FactSet Research Systems Inc   FDS   Key reversal, downtrend   10/25/2016   10/26/2016 
 Flir Systems Inc   FLIR   Wide ranging day upside reversal   10/26/2016   10/26/2016 
 Hartford Financial Services Group Inc   HIG   Key reversal, downtrend   10/25/2016   10/26/2016 
 Home Depot, Inc   HD   Inverted gap2H   10/24/2016   10/26/2016 
 Horton, D.R. Inc.   DHI   Inverted gap2H   10/24/2016   10/26/2016 
 Illinois Tool Works Inc.   ITW   Key reversal, downtrend   10/25/2016   10/26/2016 
 Lockheed Martin Corp   LMT   Gap2H   10/24/2016   10/26/2016 
 Lowes Companies, Inc   LOW   Inverted gap2H   10/24/2016   10/26/2016 
 M/I Homes, Inc.   MHO   Inverted gap2H   10/24/2016   10/26/2016 
 OGE Energy Corp   OGE   Key reversal, downtrend   10/25/2016   10/26/2016 
 Packaging Corp of America   PKG   Inverted gap2H   10/24/2016   10/26/2016 
 Prudential Financial Inc   PRU   Key reversal, downtrend   10/25/2016   10/26/2016 
 Regis Corp   RGS   Key reversal, downtrend   10/25/2016   10/26/2016 
 Rocky Brands Inc   RCKY   Open-close reversal, uptrend   10/26/2016   10/26/2016 
 Sealed Air Corp   SEE   Key reversal, downtrend   10/25/2016   10/26/2016 
 Thermo Electron Corp   TMO   Inverted gap2H   10/24/2016   10/26/2016 
 Toll Brothers   TOL   Inverted gap2H   10/24/2016   10/26/2016 
 Trex Company   TREX   Inverted gap2H   10/24/2016   10/26/2016 
 Valero Energy   VLO   Gap2H   10/24/2016   10/26/2016 
 VCA Inc   WOOF   Open-close reversal, downtrend   10/26/2016   10/26/2016 
 Waters Corp   WAT   Inverted gap2H   10/24/2016   10/26/2016 
 Watsco, Inc   WSO   Hook reversal, downtrend   10/25/2016   10/26/2016 
 Zebra Technologies Corp   ZBRA   Key reversal, downtrend   10/25/2016   10/26/2016 
 DJ US Home construction index fund   ITB   Inverted gap2H   10/24/2016   10/26/2016 
 DJ US Medical devices index fund   IHI   Inverted gap2H   10/24/2016   10/26/2016 
 MSCI Israel Cap Invest Mt Index   EIS   Key reversal, uptrend   10/25/2016   10/26/2016 
 MSCI Switzerland Index   EWL   Inverted gap2H   10/24/2016   10/26/2016 
 PowerShares Dynamic Leisure   PEJ   Inverted gap2H   10/24/2016   10/26/2016 
 PowerShares Water Resources   PHO   Inverted gap2H   10/24/2016   10/26/2016 
 SPDR Consumer Discretionary   XLY   Inverted gap2H   10/24/2016   10/26/2016 
 SPDR Consumer Staples Select Sector   XLP   Key reversal, uptrend   10/25/2016   10/26/2016 
 SPDR Homebuilders ETF   XHB   Inverted gap2H   10/24/2016   10/26/2016 
 SPDR Industrial Select Sector   XLI   Key reversal, downtrend   10/25/2016   10/26/2016 
 United States Natural Gas   UNG   Inverted gap2H   10/24/2016   10/26/2016 


Small Patterns Searched

Here is the list of small chart patterns that I scan for daily (after the market close and posted that evening).

For an explanation of the columns, read small patterns.

Pattern Name Average 
Downside weekly reversals$132.3960%361
Open-close reversal, uptrend$118.6759%312
Key reversal, downtrend$95.2858%283
Wide ranging day downside reversal$92.0458%294
Open-close reversal, downtrend$90.3158%305
Upside weekly reversals$84.5857%368
Hook reversal, downtrend$81.5057%269
Wide ranging day upside reversal$75.9856%2712
Hook reversal, uptrend$75.9557%2813
Key reversal, uptrend$71.1156%3016
Inverted gap2H$65.4456%2919
One day reversal, bottom$61.3556%2720
One day reversal, top$46.1254%2922


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