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Thomas Bulkowski’s successful investment activities allowed him to retire at age 36. He is an internationally known author and trader with 30+ years of stock market experience and widely regarded as a leading expert on chart patterns. He may be reached at

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Bulkowski's Daily Small Patterns

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Small Patterns
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As of 03/27/2015
17,713 34.43 0.2%
8,700 22.50 0.3%
581 3.72 0.6%
4,891 27.86 0.6%
2,061 4.87 0.2%
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18,300 or 17,250 by 04/01/2015
9,200 or 8,600 by 04/01/2015
550 or 615 by 04/01/2015
5,100 or 4,800 by 04/01/2015
2,150 or 2,025 by 04/01/2015
Mutt Losers: None YTD
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Written and copyright © 2013 by Thomas N. Bulkowski. All rights reserved.

38  Small Patterns as of  03/27/2015

This article lists small chart patterns that I found daily in the stocks I follow. Not all small patterns appear because the list would typically be 800 entries (or more) long.

Instead, I search for the top five performing patterns and eleven others to keep the list short. For the list of patterns searched, click here.

Here is the list of stocks in which small patterns appeared and their start and end dates. If none appear in a table, then it's probably a bug in my code. Send me an email.

Click the link for a list of symbols from the table.

-- Thomas Bulkowski

 Ameren   AEE   Hook reversal, downtrend   03/26/2015   03/27/2015 
 American Eagle Outfitters Inc.   AEO   Open-close reversal, downtrend   03/27/2015   03/27/2015 
 AMN Healthcare   AHS   Shark-32   03/25/2015   03/27/2015 
 Ascena Retail Group   ASNA   Key reversal, downtrend   03/26/2015   03/27/2015 
 Best Buy Co.   BBY   Inverted gap2H   03/25/2015   03/27/2015 
 Christopher and Banks Corp   CBK   Key reversal, downtrend   03/26/2015   03/27/2015 
 ConAgra Foods Inc   CAG   Wide ranging day upside reversal   03/27/2015   03/27/2015 
 Cree Inc   CREE   Inverted gap2H   03/25/2015   03/27/2015 
 Encore Wire Corp   WIRE   Key reversal, downtrend   03/26/2015   03/27/2015 
 Estee Lauder, Cos   EL   Inverted gap2H   03/25/2015   03/27/2015 
 Ethan Allen Interiors Inc   ETH   Hook reversal, downtrend   03/26/2015   03/27/2015 
 Forward Air Corp   FWRD   Inverted gap2H   03/25/2015   03/27/2015 
 Harris Corp   HRS   Wide ranging day upside reversal   03/27/2015   03/27/2015 
 Henry Schein Inc.   HSIC   Key reversal, downtrend   03/26/2015   03/27/2015 
 Hub Group Inc.   HUBG   Inverted gap2H   03/25/2015   03/27/2015 
 Hurco Companies Inc.   HURC   Key reversal, downtrend   03/26/2015   03/27/2015 
 Lilly, Eli and Co.   LLY   Inverted gap2H   03/25/2015   03/27/2015 
 Mueller Industries Inc.   MLI   Key reversal, downtrend   03/26/2015   03/27/2015 
 Nisource Inc.   NI   Key reversal, downtrend   03/26/2015   03/27/2015 
 Portland General Electric Co.   POR   Hook reversal, downtrend   03/26/2015   03/27/2015 
 Tempur-pedic Intl   TPX   Inverted gap2H   03/25/2015   03/27/2015 
 Travelers Companies Inc, The   TRV   Inverted gap2H   03/25/2015   03/27/2015 
 United Parcel Service   UPS   Inverted gap2H   03/25/2015   03/27/2015 
 Werner Enterprises, Inc   WERN   Inverted gap2H   03/25/2015   03/27/2015 
 Williams-Sonoma Inc.   WSM   Inverted gap2H   03/25/2015   03/27/2015 
 Xilinx Inc   XLNX   Wide ranging day upside reversal   03/27/2015   03/27/2015 
 DJ US Broker-dealers index fund   IAI   Hook reversal, downtrend   03/26/2015   03/27/2015 
 DJIA short 2x ProShares   DXD   Hook reversal, uptrend   03/26/2015   03/27/2015 
 MSCI Australia Index fund   EWA   Inverted gap2H   03/25/2015   03/27/2015 
 MSCI Austria Investable Mkt Index   EWO   Inverted gap2H   03/25/2015   03/27/2015 
 MSCI Turkey Index   TUR   Inverted gap2H   03/25/2015   03/27/2015 
 MSCI United Kingdom Index   EWU   Inverted gap2H   03/25/2015   03/27/2015 
 PowerShares Water Resources   PHO   Inverted gap2H   03/25/2015   03/27/2015 
 S and P Latin America 40 Index fund   ILF   Inverted gap2H   03/25/2015   03/27/2015 
 S and P long 2x Ultra SP 500 ProShares   SSO   Hook reversal, downtrend   03/26/2015   03/27/2015 
 S and P short 2x ProShares   SDS   Hook reversal, uptrend   03/26/2015   03/27/2015 
 SandP Global Materials Sector Index fund   MXI   Inverted gap2H   03/25/2015   03/27/2015 
 SPDR S and P 500   SPY   Hook reversal, downtrend   03/26/2015   03/27/2015 


Small Patterns Searched

Here is the list of small chart patterns that I scan for daily (after the market close and posted that evening).

For an explanation of the columns, read small patterns.

Pattern Name Average 
Downside weekly reversals$132.3960%361
Open-close reversal, uptrend$118.6759%312
Key reversal, downtrend$95.2858%283
Wide ranging day downside reversal$92.0458%294
Open-close reversal, downtrend$90.3158%305
Upside weekly reversals$84.5857%368
Hook reversal, downtrend$81.5057%269
Wide ranging day upside reversal$75.9856%2712
Hook reversal, uptrend$75.9557%2813
Key reversal, uptrend$71.1156%3016
Inverted gap2H$65.4456%2919
One day reversal, bottom$61.3556%2720
One day reversal, top$46.1254%2922


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