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Candles Chart
Small Patterns
As of 07/01/2022
  Indus: 31,097 +321.83 +1.0%  
  Trans: 13,289 +132.53 +1.0%  
  Utils: 993 +23.33 +2.4%  
  Nasdaq: 11,128 +99.11 +0.9%  
  S&P 500: 3,825 +39.95 +1.1%  
  Targets    Overview: 06/29/2022  
  Up arrow32,300 or 29,900 by 07/15/2022
  Up arrow14,000 or 12,500 by 07/15/2022
  Up arrow1,000 or 925 by 07/15/2022
  Up arrow12,100 or 10,750 by 07/15/2022
  Up arrow4,000 or 3,700 by 07/15/2022
CPI (updated daily): Arrows on 6/23/22
As of 07/01/2022
  Indus: 31,097 +321.83 +1.0%  
  Trans: 13,289 +132.53 +1.0%  
  Utils: 993 +23.33 +2.4%  
  Nasdaq: 11,128 +99.11 +0.9%  
  S&P 500: 3,825 +39.95 +1.1%  
  Targets    Overview: 06/29/2022  
  Up arrow32,300 or 29,900 by 07/15/2022
  Up arrow14,000 or 12,500 by 07/15/2022
  Up arrow1,000 or 925 by 07/15/2022
  Up arrow12,100 or 10,750 by 07/15/2022
  Up arrow4,000 or 3,700 by 07/15/2022
CPI (updated daily): Arrows on 6/23/22

1/31/2022: Removed MLDownloader because link to it is broken.

A new version of Patternz that works with Win 7 and more recent versions of the operating system is available here.

The links described below are for Windows XP Home Edition installations. You may be able to get Patternz to run on other versions of Windows, but you'll need an emulator (except for Windows 3.11).



Win XP Only! Download Patternz: release 4.1Z 4/11/2014

New Installations

Existing Installations

Almost Free Quote Downloader

Written by and copyright © 2005-2022 by Thomas N. Bulkowski. All rights reserved. Disclaimer: You alone are responsible for your investment decisions. See Privacy/Disclaimer for more information. Some pattern names are the registered trademarks of their respective owners.

If you have trouble downloading from this page (you receive a hotlink error) then switch browsers to Internet Explorer or FireFox and try again. The MSN browser (and perhaps others) is known to cause a hotlink error.

This version of Patternz works on Windows XP Home Edition. It is NOT recommended for more recent versions of Windows.

If you are considering running this version on Windows 7 then there may be a solution. For XP Pro, you have to engage the compatibility simulator. In either case (Win 7 or XP Pro) See Diagnosing Patternz problems for more information.

Download Patternz

IF YOU HAVE ALREADY INSTALLED Patternz once, then you don't need to install the complete package again. Click here to download the latest XP version of the program.

  1. Extract the new XP version and place the files in your Patternz folder.
  2. Not sure what XP version you have? Run Patternz and from the main menu click Help then Version. If it shows the version matching the one at the top of this page (or more recent in case I forgot to update the website page), then you have the latest XP release.

FOR NEW INSTALLATIONS, click here to download the complete package. You'll get a file that contains the Patternz software.

  1. Extract all of the files into a folder called Patternz.
  2. Read the ENTIRE Readme.txt file so you understand what the setup program will do, especially if you are running an older version of Windows.
  3. Run SETUP.EXE to complete the installation.
  4. Once installed, remove all of the files from the Patternz folder except the MMM.CSV data file (this is a sample file containing stock quotes for 3M, but it can be deleted especially once the program is up and running), Readme.txt, Instruction Manual.txt, and PATTERNZ.exe.
  5. After installation, double click on PATTERNZ.EXE to run the program.
  6. Click on MMM.CSV
  7. Click on Chart to display a chart of 3M. You may get a warning message that the file is out of date. Click Yes to allow the program to pick the display dates.
  8. If MMM.CSV does not display properly, then visit the Diagnosing Patternz problems page.


Release Notes for latest XP version

  • XP Version Z, 4/11/2014
    • Fixed a bug when reading files with a bogus last line.
    • Changed the code so it would run on Ubuntu without crashing.
  • Version Y, 7/12/2013
    • Fixed a bug in bearish wide-ranging days. It excluded the slope of the inbound trend.
    • Fixed the slope analysis leading to small patterns.
    • Fixed bug on list form that allowed double bottom setup to appear even if not selected.
  • Version X, 3/13/2013
    • Added Gap2H and inverted Gap2H patterns to include higher low (Gap2H) and lower high (inverted Gap2H) on most recent bar as part of identification.
    • Fixed a bug in one day reversals pattern recognition. I exclude volume since it makes the pattern too scarce.
  • Version W, 7/13/2012
    • Fixed a bug when using the list form and charting. Symmetrical triangles, for example, would appear as ascending triangles.
  • Version V, 2/3/12:
    • Fixed errors in help message on CPI form.
    • Added early exit code on findtops and findbottoms to speed exit.
    • Fixed a problem with missing newline character in data files. The screen would not display most recent data.
  • Version U, 4/22/11:
    • This version has cosmetic changes only. I updated the copyright date in the About form.
    • Updated the instruction manual for the chart pattern indicator, which uses calendar days, not trading days in the "Patterns must breakout with x days" line on the Setup panel.
  • Version T, 6/18/10:
    • Fixed bug in Patterns Form that would hang the program if no patterns checked.
    • Added Setup Form check box to optionally draw SAR lines using one color.
    • Changed the algorithm on SAR lines to draw them more consistently.
    • Fixed bug in Chart Form where prior candle information was not cleared on file load
    • Added Setup button to List form.
    • Added double bottom trading setup detection to List form.
  • Version S, 12/4/09: Added a feature to the Setup form to highlight all peaks/valleys when the SAR button is clicked.
  • Version R, 12/4/09: Fixed a bug in Nr4 and Nr7 pattern recognition that might effect the chart pattern indicator results.
  • Version Q, 11/30/09: Fixed bugs in the chart pattern indicator for counts around holidays and in other routines that if they failed, could eventually cause resource problems.
  • Version P. 11/1/09: Fixed bug introduced in the retrace function of version O. Oops.
  • Version O, 10/30/09:
    • Fixed potential divide by 0 error in double bottoms and tops
    • Added a log button on chart form
    • Added message box that shows retrace values.
  • Version N, early Sept: I changed the generic error message to direct people to the website for help.
  • Version M, 8/30/09: I added a button to the File Format page to automatically configure Patternz for the two quote downloaders.


Windows emulator for Patternz

The following describe how users configured their machines to run Patternz.

Windows 10

This is from Miho (email:, so contact him for additional details.

I just want to pass down my successful Patternz installation on Windows 10.

I have a free upgraded windows 10 computer that used to use windows 7. I learned that if I use Windows 10 32-bit version I may be able to use your Patternz on my now Windows 10 computer.

So I downloaded Windows 10 32-bit from this link.

On the site, scroll down until you see Need to create USB, DVD, or IOS? and click Download Tool Now.

They will ask you 32-bit or 64-bit. (They will say you may need a key code, but you can just ignore it.)

Once downloaded, the screen asks you to install to your computer or install to different computer. Click Install to different computer.

That will download IOS image to your computer, and ask you if you want to burn it to a DVD (which you do not).

Then use Oracle Virtual Box, creating Windows 10 32-bit.

I skipped the key code for windows 10 and was able to use Windows 10 on Virtual box.

Thanks Miho!

Windows 7/8

Ross Hall writes that you can partition the hard drive and install Ubuntu to get Patternz to work. He installed it on two computers, one in which he installed WINE separately (1*) and one in which it loaded it automatically (2*). I've included his instructions for both, so read this entire note before installing. It sounds like selecting the 13.10 version is easier. This is as of 3/18/2014.

"It is relatively easy to create a dual boot installation with Windows 7 or 8 and Ubuntu.

All of the appropriate documentation can be accessed from the home website:

Specifically, the page that guides you through the Dual Boot installation:

After Ubuntu is installed, all updates should be downloaded and installed (this is accomplished within the Ubuntu operating environment - there is an update button on the "desktop").

(1*) Wine (Wine Windows Program Loader) is downloaded and installed from within the Ubuntu operating environment - in this case from the "Ubuntu Software Center" button.

After Wine is installed, there is a configuration option. On the Applications tab, you can add Patternz, and enter Windows XP as the operating system. Close the Wine configuration application.

Find Patternz in the Files section (another button on the desktop, which utilizes a fairly standard file format). Double-click on the Patternz.exe file and - voila! - Patternz is up and running.

(2*) The first version I loaded is 13.10, which is a later [more recent] version, with more features. Apparently, this version is smarter, and can load the Windows programs (with WINE) automatically.

On the earlier version (12.04 LTS), the Windows programs need to be opened by right-clicking the file, and associating with Wine - then they run fine."

Thanks Ross.

Win 7/8 VirtualBox

Another email I received said that there are many emulators on the market now (as of 1/16/2015). Here's what he writes.

As promised hereby some more information on how to install Windows XP 'inside' Windows 7 or even Windows 8 using a virtualizer.

There are several virtualizers available for free, VirtualBox being one of them. This method is an alternative to using a dual boot system.

As far as I know a Windows XP activation key is needed if you use this method on any other Windows version than Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate edition.

You can easily find step-by-step guides on the internet. Just look for 'Windows XP virtual Windows 8'. I found this one very easy to use:

Another way is to introduce the same keywords on Youtube and you'll get some nice videos guiding you thru the whole installation process.


Patternz Features

Patternz is a Windows based program that automatically finds chart and candlestick patterns. It has these features.

  • Finds 66 unique chart patterns (see Patterns Form)
  • Finds 105 candlestick patterns (see Patterns Form)
  • Finds the double bottom trading setup (see the List Form)
  • Has a chart pattern indicator to detect market turns (see the Chart Pattern Indicator Form)
  • Allows the selection of patterns with the best overall performance, fewest failures, reversals, and continuations (see the Patterns form)
  • Scans files to find patterns and lists results (see List Form)
  • Allows up to 9 criteria to select patterns for performance (radio buttons on List Form)
  • Filters stock selections for price and volume
  • Shows cycles (chart form)
  • Shows phi extensions for price prediction (Phi button on chart form)
  • Sorts selected patterns to highlight most recent (see List Form)
  • Export pattern information to clipboard or Excel for analysis (see List Form)
  • Pattern watch lists make the selection of patterns easier
  • Security watch lists allow important securities to be found quickly and easily
  • Highlights support and resistance (SAR button on Chart Form)
  • Tells about chart and candlestick patterns (the Tell button)
  • Calculates a volatility stop (the Stop button)
  • Calculates pivot points, S1, R1, S2 and R2 (the Forecast button)
  • Calculates a Fibonacci retrace (the Retrace button)
  • Forecasts tomorrow's closing price (see the Forecast button) with back testing capability
  • Detects tall candles which means a minor high or low 66% of the time (give or take a day)
  • Supports trendlines (see the Chart Form)
  • Volume ticks show pattern end points, which helps with volume trend and shape analysis
  • Supports bar or candlestick charts
  • Extensive instruction manual or look at the black help window at form top as you tab around
  • Setup allows the tuning of Patternz parameters (see Setup button on Chart Form)
  • Works with a variety of ASCII file formats
  • Supports Windows 3.11 and XP Home Edition.
  • Adware and spyware free
  • It's FREE


Patternz Tour

An online tour of the program is available by clicking here. The tour shows screen captures of the program and briefly explains each control. It gives a good overview of what the program looks like, what it can do, and gives tips on operation.

What Patternz will NOT do

  • The program has problems running on Vista/Windows 7 and other operating systems that cannot handle 16-bit "legacy" applications. You can run a XP simulator to fix the problem. See Diagnosing Patternz problems
  • Use files with quotes from multiple stocks in one file. Each stock symbol MUST have its own file.
  • Work with intraday data. It coughs up fur balls and dies.
  • Update the data files. You have to do it yourself.


Downloader using PowerShell

Dave Braunschweig created a script for Windows PowerShell, available free from Microsoft and built into all current Windows operating systems. You can download the zip file here (2k containing a text file). I have not tried this, but he has included his email address in the text file so you can contact him for answers to questions.

Tony Vakirtzis has an Excel spreadsheet downloader for patternz. Again, I have not tried this so be careful.

Almost Free Quote Downloader

Picture of the button that will configure Patternz

This downloader is easy to use, I have tried it, and it works well. It used to be free, so maybe you can find an old version on the web somewhere. You build a symbol list, tell it where to find the list, tell it where to put the files, and click on an icon to begin downloading. It grabs the quotes from yahoo or google. The above link will take you to a site where you can read about the product and download it.

The following describes how to change Patternz to get it to work with the downloader. It's a simple process...

Refer to the figure on the right and do the following:

  1. Run Patternz.
  2. Click on the File Format menu option
  3. Click the button titled, "Setup MLDownloader or Yahoo/Google Downloader," highlighted in red in the figure.

Patternz should be configured to work with the file format for this downloader. Please note that since the configuration has changed MMM.csv may no longer chart properly.

Also, you will want to change the Date Format to match the format used by your country (circled in green on the figure).

If you do not have access to yahoo/google or they do not provide quotes for your country then perhaps MLDownloader (below) will work.


Creating Patternz .txt files for Tc2005 Users

These instructions are courtesy of John Myer (e-mail Tc2005 questions to: and are for Tc2005 users. I've never used Tc2005, so this is not an endorsement, just a convenience to those who have.

To create a .txt file that works in Patternz from Tc2005:

  1. Bring up Tc2005
  2. Start with a watch list of those stocks you wish to analyze
  3. On the Databank menu select "Data export to text."
  4. The export window will give you choices
    1. One at a time select the fields from the first line of the example .csv file for Frontier. (Date[mm/dd/yyyy],open,high,low,close,volume,volume)
    2. For each field hit the "Add" button to move the field to the "Export Fields (In Order)" box.
    3. Be sure the "TAB" is selected as the Data Delimiter.
    4. Set the export path to whatever directory you wish. I put mine in the same directory as Patternz.exe file.
    5. Check the "Multiple Files (named with symbol)" button.
    6. Set the number of days to export. I use at least 150, sometimes more.
    7. Set the "Dates Ascending/Descending" button to Ascending. I've done it both ways. They appear to work either way.
    8. Hit the "Export" button at the bottom of the window.
    On my system, the export of a dozen stocks for 150 days of data took in the area of 1 second. I don't yet have adding the first line automated, so I just copy that first line, tab delimited, and paste it in each stock file at the top. [Note: You can eliminate this step by using the File Format option in Patternz to configure the column format for all of the files].
  5. Bring up Patternz.
  6. The files just created will appear on the drop list.
  7. Select the one you want and away we go. You will get the error message "Beginning date not found, using the first date in the file." Ignore the message and continue.


Creating Patternz files from Wealth-Lab

The following instructions are to create files from Wealth-Lab for Patternz. I do not own Wealth-Lab, so this is not an endorsement, nor have I tried these instructions. They are provided courtesy of Ray Senesac. For more information, email Ray at The instructions are also available as a compressed Notepad file by clicking here.

1.  Start Wealth-Lab.
2.  Copy the following script into Wealth-Lab:

var Bar, WatchListNumber, f: integer;
var FileName: String;

for WatchListNumber := 0 to WatchListCount - 1 do
   FileName := 'c:/DataBus/Patternz/' + WatchListName + '/' + GetSymbol + '.csv';
   f := FileOpen(FileName);
   FileWrite(f, 'Date,open,high,low,close,volume');
   For Bar := 0 to BarCount - 1 do
      FileWrite(f, IntToStr(GetMonth(Bar)) + '/' + IntToStr(GetDay(Bar)) + '/' + IntToStr(GetYear(Bar)) + ',' +
                   FloatToStr(PriceOpen(Bar)) + ',' +
                   FloatToStr(PriceHigh(Bar)) + ',' +
                   FloatToStr(PriceLow(Bar)) + ',' +
                   FloatToStr(PriceClose(Bar)) + ',' +

3.  Change the File name "DataBus/Patternz" to the path you are using for Patternz data files. Note that this is setup to use the WatchList Name as part of the file structure. I like this because I have the same groupings for stocks in Patternz as I have in Wealth-Lab.

4.  Create the Folders that you defined for Wealth-Lab in the script above. For example, I have a WatchList called "Total Stocks" so I created a folder "c:/DataBus/Patternz/Total Stocks".

5.  To execute the script, click on a stock in the appropriate WatchList. This will create a Patternz file for each stock in the WatchList.

6.  If you have a large number of stocks in your WatchList this can take a while to execute. I maintain several thousand stocks in Wealth-Lab so if I only want to see current signals, I set Wealth-Lab to only use 250 bars of data (one year) and the script runs much faster. 

7.  After you run the Wealth-Lab script start Patternz and follow the instructions to run it.


Troubleshooting Patternz

This has moved to the Trouble.html

-- Thomas Bulkowski


See Also

Written by and copyright © 2005-2022 by Thomas N. Bulkowski. All rights reserved. Disclaimer: You alone are responsible for your investment decisions. See Privacy/Disclaimer for more information. Some pattern names are the registered trademarks of their respective owners. To err is human. To forgive is not company policy.